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Multimedia is everywhere. Nowadays no one presents a paper full of text without images or graphs, no one gives a conference without a keynote, no one sells its product without a presentation video. Humankind as realized that communication is way more efficient when multiple media are used, and we are exploiting all the possibilities this yields. We are talking about great images and pictures, outstanding photographies, professional videos, personalized 3D models, you name it, whatever multimedia material you can think of, will make your project more attractive and whoever is receiving the information will not forget it easily. 

If you are working on an astrophysics book you may benefit from some high-quality astrophotographies and artist’s impressions, if you are creating a new CubeSat a demonstration video may come in handy, if you rule a museum or a science center maybe you could update it with explanatory videos, spherical interactive images, and a renewed visually attractive web page, any project gets better with some new multimedia material. Or maybe you already have a multimedia environment project of your own and you are looking for someone to design 3D models and scenarios for you. We can also provide external help in any multimedia project.

It has been proved that attractive multimedia materials catch the attention of the public and that the information transmitted through them is understood easily and retained for a longer time, for this reason, multimedia has a greater importance in marketing and education. At Space Robotics we are experts at creating multimedia material like videos or even documentary films to promote new events such as the launch of new spacecraft or a new telescope project. But above all, we are experts in education and science divulgation, we have a long experience designing and creating outstanding multimedia material for educational and science dissemination projects. Be confident to ask us for whatever you may need, simulations, images, 3D models… we can create materials adapted to any age and topic that for sure will catch the attention of the students and ease the understanding process of complex concepts.

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If you still have any doubts feel free to contact us through the form below and we will write you back as soon as possible. If you are thinking about hiring our services, be confident that a professional team of graphic designers, modelers, illuminators, editors, producers, scriptwriters, scientist,  artist, engineers and programmers will carefully study your proposal and deliver the material that best suites your request.



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Tianwen-1 – China’s first rover to Mars – All instruments in 3D

On July 23th 2020, China launched Tianwen-1, their first mission to the planet Mars. This mission consists of an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. It's the first time anyone tries to deploy all three in the same mission! If successful, the Tianwen-1 rover will...

Covid_19 Mision with @AstronautaLiLi

We team up with @AstronautLiLi to produce a series of educational videos on space sciences and space exploration for kids to keep exploring the Universe during the covid-19 sanitary alert. Like everyone else, SpaceRobotics.EU has taken extraordinary measures due to...

Working towards a way out the COVID-19 alert

Like everyone else, SpaceRobotics.EU has taken extraordinary measures due to the covid_19 sanitary alert. Besides asking all our employees to work on-line from their homes to limit human contact and stop the propagation, at SpaceRobotics.EU we are contributing to...

2019 new VR scenarios – Mission training, orbit visualization, use of instruments, collaborative projects and mission highlights.

At SpaceRobotics.EU we are ceaselessly ahead of the curve in Virtual Reality experiences, always offering state-of-the-art professional hardware and custom-made high-quality software. We ended 2019 with four top-selling experiences, a Lunar Roving Vehicle driving...

On-flight F18 fighter jet 360º footage

We produce a 360º video of an F18 fighter jet flight as seen from the pilot's point of view. It was shot by the Eagle Squad and will be seen by millions of visitors in museums and educational programmes. About the video The production of this video was requested by...

Our VR and AR projects make it to “Astronomía” national magazine

Education is key for our future and thus at SpaceRobotics.EU we always try to fit the latest technologies in our hands into education and science popularization enterprises. Some of our latest projects in this matter have been to create Virtual Reality and Augmented...

Sal a Ver las Estrellas – Explorando el Cosmos – NubaloAR

"Explorando el Cosmos" is the latest "Sal a Ver las Estrellas" tool. Entirely designed by a NubaloStudios.EU multidisciplinary team, this resource comprises a state-of-the-art space-related exhibition and an AR App through which you may interact with the entire...

BepiColombo The Game

Space Robotics original production "BepiColombo The Game" is already in the alpha test version and a public beta will hopefully be available for download in the following weeks. Join us in this adventure, learn more about this project and feel free to contact us if...

Augmented Reality Planetary Art Exhibition

ESA's ESAC D-bulding hosts during this summer an Artistic-Scientific-Technological exhibition by SpaceRobotics, where planetary exploration is presented in an absolutely innovative way.   The exhibition itself is about ESA's exploration of the Universe and...

Rosetta’s Final Images

We are proud to announce that our collaboration with the European Space Agency is bearing fruit and a two-minutes-long video displaying Rosetta's final images before programmed impact on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko has already been released. It took several weeks...