Funded by the SEA we have created, a new webpage where we provide free astronomy multimedia resources upon request.



The Internet is an endless source of multimedia materials, no one can argue that in the 21st century, but unfortunately these resources are not created on their own yet. Believe or not, behind those fancy videos and images lie qualified professionals spending hundreds of hours in front of their screens. is a new webpage where users may contact these professionals for free and ask for astronomy-related multimedia materials. Additionally, all the resources that are requested and created over time are available for download at no cost to anyone who visits the web. Although any resource may be requested, the web is centred on short animated videos that may be used as part of bigger projects such as documentary films or keynotes. Over 40 of these short animations are already available at the web and many more are being created right now. A few frames form two of these videos are shown below, but you might want to check them all at this link.




About the SEA

As said before, this project has been funded by the SEA (Spanish Astronomy Society). SEA groups together more than 700 professional astrophysicists (including around 500 doctors) whose objective is to promote the development of Astronomy and Astrophysics in Spain. Among many other outreach programmes, since 2012 sea holds an always-running contest to fund new external projects that aim to disseminate space science and make astronomy accessible to everyone. Workshops and exhibitions are usually chosen as winners but these time we have been the fortunate ones. We hope that our project fully meets their expectations!






Images © SpaceRobotics – NubaloStudios