Scaled Models

From simple 3D printed scaled models to fully funtional models of spacecrafts, rockets and more.

A scale model is a 3D physical representation of an object. Scale models are affordable solutions to be used with publicity, decoration, exhibition and educational purposes. At Space Robotics we have been making scale models for years, most often of space exploration related objects. Dozens of designs are available for purchase, and on request, we create any personalized exemplar you may need.


The size, the materials, the structural complexity, and the finish of each model usually depend on what it will be used for and on the desired level of detail. Anyhow the customer is always free to choose between all the options available. 

Our scale range goes from 1:1 to 1:160. The most popular models are around 10cm wide, at this scale they are easy to carry around, which makes them very convenient for public relationships or management meetings, or any other eventual situation. Despite their small size, at this scale they still have many fine details, so they are also useful for any other purpose. However, for exhibitions or for explanations to a large public, we are frequently asked for larger models.

Scale models may be a single static solid structure, but they can also be made of several pieces that are later assembled together. Static models are suitable for exhibitions and most general uses, but in education or science dissemination scenarios, detachable models are way more useful. Teaching the modules of the ISS, the parts of a satellite or the stages of a rocket can be much easier with a scale model that can be detached into the different parts. On request, we can even provide fully functional models with lights, sensors, and motorized details that move and behave like the originals.

Different materials and manufacturing techniques are also available. 3D printing used to be a sci-fi resource but nowadays is the cheapest and most useful technique in our hands. The 3D printing technology allows us to make prototypes and quickly incorporate modifications to the final design. All our 3D models are designed from scratch to ensure that its easy 3Dprint them with outstanding results. We use materials like PLA, which can be found in different colors and textures. However, the model can also be painted and finished afterward. Other materials can also be used, with 3D printers we can even create eatable models!

3D printing is our cheapest and most efficient manufacturing technique, but for the most exigent costumers, handmade models carefully built with realistic materials are also available on request. Whatever you are looking for, we can make it real.

If you still have doubts about which is the best scale model for you, or if you are ready to order it, contact us with the form below and we will write you back as soon as possible.


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Accessible Scaled Models for the Lunar Museum

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ExoMars Rosalind Franklin 1:2 Robot Update

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Scaled Model of ESA’s ESTRACK’s 35m antenna shipped to Australia.

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ExoMars Rosalind Franklin 1:2 Robot

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Spanish Tech on Mars – 3D Printed TWINS for the InSight presentation

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Augmented Reality Planetary Art Exhibition

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2020 ExoMars’ Rover, the final design.

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