We start up our brand new 3D facilities to produce a super-detailed Aeolus scaled model!

CGI (Computer-Generated Image) of the final 3D model.

Aeolus, or, in full, Atmospheric Dynamics Mission-Aeolus (ADM-Aeolus), is a European Space Agency (ESA) Earth observation satellite whose main goal is to obtain new scientific data that will hopefully allow us to further develop our knowledge of Earth’s atmosphere and its weather systems. Thus, ADM-Aeolus will eventually help us better understand global climate and will definitely improve weather forecasting. To do so, Aeolus was conceived as the first satellite capable of performing global wind-component-profile observations and as the first one capable of doing so from the surface of the planet up to 30 km high into the stratosphere. These wind-component profiles are measured by the Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument (ALADIN), Aeolus’ main payload. In short, ALADIN is a UV lidar. It points an ultraviolet laser down to Earth’s surface and then uses a telescope to collect the backscattered signal and analyze it to obtain the wind velocity. After an eleven-year delay caused by issues with the laser, Aeolus was finally launched in 2018, and ALADIN has been proving its much-needed measurements ever since. As of 2021, Aeolus has exceeded its lifetime and it’s expected to reenter the atmosphere in 2022.

Final scaled model (actual pictures).

As with many missions before, at Space Robotics we’ve been requested to build 3D-printable and multimedia-ready 3D renders of the Aeolus satellite. As you may check in the results shown above and below, we’ve done this following our usual quality standards, which lead to robust and detailed models with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. However, these models are somehow different from previous ones, as they are the first ones entirely designed and printed in our new 3D facilities. Indeed, we have built an entirely new set of rooms and packed them with extremely powerful computers for 3d modeling and video rendering and with state-of-the-art 3D printers capable of producing more detailed scaled models in a whole new range of materials (resin, plastic, etc.). We couldn’t be happier with the first models coming of these new facilities and we just cannot wait to exploit them to their full potential. Get yours now!

First models will be delivered to ESOC (European Space Operations Centre) and ESRIN (ESA’s centre for Earth observation).

Manufacturing and packaging process.

Cover Image © European Space Agency

3D CGI and picture © SpaceRobotics.EU / Nubalo Studios S.L.