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Augmented Reality (AR) is a set of new technologies that combine the real world with digital creations. In this new reality, we can include digital images or 3D figures in real objects, we can make new objects appear from thin air and interact with these digital elements, we can even interact with real elements and obtain a digital response. There are innumerable applications of Augmented Reality in science research, technology innovation, science divulgation, and education. AR yields the possibility to explore any idea in a completely new interactive way.

Imagine seeing the new device you are visualizing instantly built in your table. Imagine you have to add a new piece to a device you built and you could just make the piece pop out of the device and test it. Let’s say you are working with microscopic viruses or with carbon nanotubes structures, let’s say you are creating a new 2D material or a tiny revolutionary microchip, how useful would it be seeing it all a hundred times magnified on your desktop? Or maybe seeing in front of you a 1:10 scaled interactive model of a new rocket or spacecraft project, how useful would it be? Imagine free test-bed models, more realistic simulators, you name it. There are numberless ways of increasing productivity thanks to Augmented Reality.

And AR is not less useful in science dissemination or education scenarios. When you are explaining to your students how a device works or how something is built, how much easier would it be if they could see the device in front of them? What if they could zoom in and interact with it? Imagine 3D schematics and diagrams popping out of the books, spherical interactive maps popping out of the paper, imagine 3D explanatory videos. It has been proved that knowledge is more easily acquired when the students are involved in a task and not just passively listening to informatión. Even if they are interested in the explanation, it’s easier for them to learn when their sensory memory is activated, and Augmented Reality is a great way to do so. If they have the possibility of interacting with whatever they are learning about, the new knowledge will remain with them forever.

What can we do for you?

  • Video-Games
  • Science Divulgation Apps
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Sky/Star Maps
  • 3D out of codes
  • 3D 360º Videos
  • Objects Visualization
  • Educative Games
  • Dynamic Test-Bed Scenarios
  • Audioguides with AR
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Topography in Augmented Reality
  • Data and Graphs Visualization
  • Personalized Augmented Reality Tools
  • Interactive Maps
  • Many More…

From simple experiences to complex video-games, we can design the AR you are looking for.

There are three main options to build an Augmented Reality environment: you might use projected images and holograms, directly adding digital elements into the scenario; you might as well use augmented reality goggles with a semi-transparent display that allows you to see your surroundings with any digital incorporation; and finally you may use any device with a display and a camera, like a phone, a tablet, or a video-game console, that displays on the screen what is seen by the camera plus some extra digital creations.

An AR App for devices with cameras and displays is the best solution for a wide distribution of your product and it’s also the cheapest one as it only requires software development; augmented reality goggles are the best choice for standalone projects or for small groups, and they provide truly immersive experiences; finally, projected images and holograms are perfect to create a virtual device with which to easily interact or to transform a room into a virtual scenario where many people can live the augmented reality experience together. 

If you think Augmented Reality may be a solution for you, contact us with the form below. Our designers team will create the scenarios and the 3D models, then we will structure the interface, and finally, we will rely on our expert team of engineers with plenty of experience in Augmented Reality techniques to create the perfect AG environment for you.  

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