Like everyone else, SpaceRobotics.EU has taken extraordinary measures due to the covid_19 sanitary alert. Besides asking all our employees to work on-line from their homes to limit human contact and stop the propagation, at SpaceRobotics.EU we are contributing to fight the virus by 3D printing masks and protective visors for health personnel.

Due to the current situation, we have temporarily stopped the space-related 3D figures production and put all our 3D printers to work towards a way out the covid_19 alert. We began by printing and testing different designs of masks and protective visors to find the optimum and are currently distributing them to health institutions that need them and have no other way to get them. As soon as everything gets back to normal, we will resume our “giant Mars with enhanced topography” project that may be seen in the back of the images, but until then, we’ll keep doing our best to fight the virus.

Also, we need help, so if you have a 3D-printer at home and feel like cooperating, do not hesitate and check out these links:

VALIDATED protective visor

Download validated protective visor


  1. Download STL or OBJ
  2. Import to CURA or similar program to create the GCODE file
  3. Print through the SD card in the 3D printer
  4. Add A4 transparent

Protective visors ready to work with a A4 transparent, updated by SpaceRobotics.EU – Original version Cesar Valiente


Other models (protective visors, masks, etc.) – SICNOVA Project

Also, if you run a health institution in west Madrid and need these products, feel free to contact us.

Coronavirus Makers

Spanish project SICNOVA: