Nubalo Studios S.L. is an innovative and pioneering company in the field of large-scale 3D printing. Since its founding, they have been working on creating giant prints that impress both in size and in their level of detail. One of the milestones of Nubalo Studios has been the creation of giant prints of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and other proprietary astral bodies. These prints, ranging from 70cm to over a meter in diameter, are the result of years of research and development in 3D printing technology.

3D printing has revolutionized the way we manufacture and produce objects, allowing us to create pieces and figures with a level of detail and precision impossible to achieve otherwise. In the case of Nubalo Studios, they have fully exploited the capabilities of 3D printing to create giant prints of the Moon and Mars that are true works of art.

In addition, these prints are not only impressive from an aesthetic point of view, but they also have great educational value. Space and technology enthusiasts can learn a lot about these two celestial bodies while enjoying the beauty of these prints. In short, Nubalo Studios S.L. is taking 3D printing to new heights with their giant prints of the Moon and Mars, and is a company to watch closely in the future.

Nubalo Studios has worked closely with NASA, ESA, and JAXA to ensure that these figures are as accurate as possible. What sets these prints apart from others is their scale and detail. Not only are they large in size, but they also show a lot of detail and raised textures that capture the lunar and Martian topography and landscape.

Nubalo Studios is a leader in the field of 3D printing, producing high-quality and detailed pieces and figures. Their wide range of products includes models of everyday objects to replicas of satellites, planets, moons, asteroids, rockets, and antennas. If you are a space and technology enthusiast, you cannot miss Nubalo Studios’ impressive selection of 3D printing products.

3D Department

At Nubalo Studios S.L., our team of designers and 3D printing specialists is at the forefront of this exciting technology. We have a new studio equipped with over 25 state-of-the-art 3D printers, which allow us to offer a wide range of 3D design services and manufacturing of pieces and objects.

Thanks to our highly qualified team and our wide selection of 3D printers, we can tackle any project, from creating animations and video games to manufacturing prototypes of products and replicas of space elements and space missions. Our parts painting department takes care of giving each project the final touch.

At Nubalo Studios S.L., we deliver the final result, already finished and ready to use. We use a wide variety of materials for printing 3D objects, such as plastic, metal, resin, and cement, among others. Our 3D printing specialists are responsible for choosing the most suitable material for each project, ensuring that the best results are obtained in terms of quality and durability.