3D-printing is a new technology that is still trying to make it into our everyday lives, but at SpaceRobotics.EU, we already master it. For the past five years, we have been the only company to mass-produce space-exploration-related 3D-printed scaled models, providing them to renown institutions such as the European Space Agency.

About 3D-printing and our 3D-Printing Lab

3D-printing used to be a sci-fi high-tech resource, but in our time, it has become a really cheap and fast method to mass-produce any sort of piece. 3D-printing is actually an umbrella term covering a wide variety of building processes, the most common of which is Fused Filament Fabrication. The key idea of this technology is quite simple: On one of its ends, a thermoplastic filament is heated up to its melting point and subsequently extruded by a movable printing head that deposits it, layer by layer, on the growing work. The printing head moves following the instructions of an internal microchip where a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) has been loaded, allowing us to produce any model that has been previously designed by computer.

At our 3D-Printing Lab, we have a dozen Fused Filament Fabrication 3D-printers working simultaneously, 24/7 non-stop. A few are commercial models, but for most of them, we bought the main pieces and built the printers on our own. The average available printing space is around 1ft x 1ft x 1ft for each printer but we also have a few extra-large models that can print pieces up to 3 ft tall and that may produce even bigger models if they can be split into individual pieces.

Our 3D-Printing Lab serves many purposes. We use it to print prototypes of our outcoming products and pieces for some of our devices. We also use it to produce on-demand home-made designs that our customers ask for. However, most of the time, all the printers are covering for the demand of our spacecraft 3d-printed scaled models.

About our spacecraft scaled models

At SpaceRobotics.EU, we have a professional team of designers capable of modelling any 3D object you may imagine. As we said before, we often model pieces for our devices or for our costumers’, but we also spend a lot of time working on spacecraft scaled models. A scale model is a 3D physical representation of an object. They are affordable solutions to be used with publicity, decoration, exhibition and educational purposes. Since 2015 we have created and printed over a hundred different designs and many of them are scaled models of iconic rockets, satellites and space probes. We use them in our own educational and science popularization programmes and we ship them to other organizations that require them for similar purposes. We also sell them to particulars that just enjoy having them and we are the first and only company to create them on-demand for different space agencies such as ESA (European Space Agency) and to distribute them among the teams that operate the actual missions. 

All our models are designed from scratch to assure they include the finest details and that they are suitable for efficient 3D-printing. Our scale range goes from 1:1 to 1:160, however, the most popular models are those around 4 inches wide. At this scale, they still have many fine details while the price is accessible to the average public and the model remains small enough to be easily carried around, which makes it convenient for company meetings or similar events. However, for exhibitions or for explanations to a large public, we are frequently asked for larger models. Scale models may be a single static solid structure, but they can also be made of several pieces that are later assembled together. Static models are suitable for exhibitions and most general uses, but in education or science popularization scenarios, detachable models are way more useful.


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Our most demanded models

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