We are open for business! After many years of carefully designing, producing and selling scaled models of many space exploration missions, we have finally opened our own online store.

Our new space shop

For many years now, we have been designing and producing scaled models on demand and taking in orders through e-mail. As a response to the increasing number of requests, we have finally decided to put all these products together and open an online space shop accessible to both individuals and corporations. Check it out at spaceshop.store, you will find our mass-produced products at unbeatable prices. Wood, paperboard and metal 3D space-themed puzzles as well as PLA 3D-printed scaled models of artificial satellites, space telescopes, rovers and exploration probes can be purchased here. They are all great for educational purposes and as gifts for space fanatics of all ages.


What else can we do for you?

If you have been taking a look at our shop and you haven’t found what you were looking for, don’t worry, at SpaceRobotics.EU, we can create it for youWe can design and produce customized PLA scaled models as well as wood, paperboard and metal puzzles similar to those you’ve seen on the store. We are already working on new products for the store ourselves, but we also design them on demand. Contact us, tell us what you’ve been looking for, and our professional team of experts in 3D-design and 3D-printing will answer you back as soon as possible.

And that’s not it, there’s much more we could do for you:

  • Personalized scaled models
  • 3D virtual models (for online visualization or other uses)
  • 3D virtual models with an AR (Augmented Reality) accessible software
  • 3D virtual models in VR (Virtual Reality) photorealistic environments
  • 1:1 replicas of rovers, satellites, telescopes, and probes (also other sizes for museums, halls, for the ceiling, etc.)
  • Robotic (functional) scaled models and replicas

At SpaceRobotics.EU, scaled models are among our best-selling products, so we are capable of producing pretty much everything. We also have al long experience in producing VR scenarios and virtual models of any sort, if you think such products may suit your interest, you have also come to the right place. Contact us, tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll work it out together.

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