Space Robotics presents “Astronaut Lili’s PodCast” a new educative audio resource for kids to learn science anywhere anytime. Play it in the car while driving back home, during the weekend’s family evening, or at the school in science lessons. We provide the material for free, where and when to use it, that’s up to you.

Astronaut Lili is a public figure that has been disseminating scientific and space-industry knowledge in schools and space-related institutions since 2013. Kids loved Astronaut Lili from the very beginning, but in the last few years, the character has grown even bigger. Many children that attend Astronaut Lili’s Show ask for further activities. Usually, they tell their school about it and they contact us to perform Astronaut Lili’s Show – Mission 2 or some other activity at their centre; but we also wanted to provide some resource for them to learn and enjoy science on their own or in group, not one or two, but as many times as they want to. Astronaut Lili’s PodCast is our response to this demand.

This indefinite series of PodCast treats different topics related to physics, astronomy, the space industry, science, space, space agencies, space exploration, astrophysics, and so on. Astronaut Lili explains each science concept as it is, but adapted for children to comprehend it. In each chapter, one question is solved, for example, there are chapters named “Why is Pluto no longer a Planet”, “What’s a Black Hole” and “How are planets formed”. Kids may submit their own questions to Lili trough Instagram or Twitter, turning these PodCast into an interactive educative resource that satisfies and at the same time increases kids’ curiosity and scientific vocation.


Check Astronaut Lili’s PodCast at Astronaut Lili’s Web