We team up with @AstronautLiLi to produce a series of educational videos on space sciences and space exploration for kids to keep exploring the Universe during the covid-19 sanitary alert.

Like everyone else, SpaceRobotics.EU has taken extraordinary measures due to the covid_19 sanitary alert. Besides asking all our employees to work on-line from their homes from day one to limit human contact and stop the propagation, at SpaceRobotics.EU we are contributing to fight the virus by 3D printing protective visors for health personnel. Meanwhile all together, although far away from each other, we keep running the company, not only further working in our current programmes but also getting involved in some new ones. The latest of our new projects that emerged during quarantine is a series of educational videos called “Mision Covid_19”.

The “Mision Covid_19” videos feature the beloved science communicator @AstronautaLiLi on a virtual mission to Mars. She encourages all children stuck at home to turn their houses into spacecraft and join her in this adventure. Together, they travel through the Solar System, forgetting about the coronavirus situation and engaging in space-related activities with which they have fun and learn about space sciences and space exploration.

Each day we prepare some rigorous, interesting and understandable content related to space. Our team of astrophysicists, educators and engineers work together to write the scripts, design the activities that are to be proposed to the children, film the videos, produce them, and upload them to YouTube were the are available for free. Rather than telling you more about it, we might as well show you:

“Misión covid_19”  Teaser Trailer


Click here to see the full series for free


Día 0 – ¿Cómo explicar a los niños por qué no podemos salir de casa?

Día 1 – Planificación de la misión

Día 2 – Los planetas principales del Sistema Solar

Día 3 – Los planetas enanos

Día 4 – Los cometas

Día 5 – Satélites artificiales

Día 6 – La Luna

Día 7 – El Sol

Día 8 – Plantas en el espacio

Día 9 – Los Asteroides y otros cuerpos menores

Día 10 – La Atmósfera

Día 11 – Entrenamiento dentro de la nave

Día 12 – Planetas rocosos

… and more coming up soon!

All images and videos © SpaceRobotic.EU – @AstronautaLiLi – Nubalo Studios S.L.