At SpaceRobotics.EU we are passionate about technology development and we are always looking into new things coming out. Since tech on its own is worthless unless it’s serving an ulterior purpose, we also look for activities and industries that may benefit from these advances. We’ve found along the years that education is an area where new technologies often fit quite easily and significant improvements in knowledge retention and aroused interest are observed shortly after successful implementation. For that reason, we’ve been working in the outreach and education sectors for quite some time now. 

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of these next-generation technologies that has evolved a lot in the last decade allowing us to build educational apps and experiences that would have been sci-fi just 20 years ago. Since day one we’ve built lots of VR experiences for institutions and museums. Apollo 11, Apollo 17 and Mars VR are just some examples that worked out really well. However, these experiences require expensive equipment and usually, only one or two sets can be afforded. With such a small setup, it takes a really long time for a large group to try it out. For this reason, we’ve been working on different options for large groups to simultaneously enjoy these experiences. After different tests, we finally came up with “VR talks”, a great choice to lighten up talks and presentations and a great way to increase attention span and knowledge retention. 

When a client requests this new service of ours, our team works along theirs to build the customized 3D virtual scenario that best suits their needs. We then arrange a web service so that the scenario is worldwide available through the internet. 

For live or online presentations, we offer inexpensive cardboard virtual reality glasses that work with each user’s cellphone. When the presentation reaches the point where VR is required, a slide with a QR code is inserted. Each attendant (either in-person or remotely), may then scan the code with his phone and insert the phone into the glasses. That’s it! You are in the virtual scenario!

While the person in charge of the event is still talking and explaining, everyone is in the VR scenario listening and visually exploring. The speaker may change the scenario or move to an area of interest, while the users always are free to move their heads around so they feel like they are really there. Of course, additional options may be available for the user or the speaker depending on the needs of each scenario. Also, instead of full virtual scenarios, a VR presentation can be arranged out of 3D models or 360º pictures. In fact, you name it, whatever you want your glasses to display, we’ll make it real.

VR Controlled Talks at Expoastronómica 2022 gave this technology a try at Expoastronómica 2022 and the results were fantastic. Astronaut LiLi was talking about the future of space exploration, going through new ambitious projects such as ESA’s Moon Village and SpaceX’s Starship landing on Mars. Meanwhile, everyone was looking at these virtual scenarios, checking out everything she was mentioning. Most of the attendants had their own phones and got a pair of glasses at the entrance, and for those who didn’t, our operator, who was controlling the virtual scenario, also managed to project the experience on the screen. 

We now have three complete experiences ready for “VR Controlled talks”: Moon, Mars and ISS, and other little virtual tours. These experiences are leaded by AstronautLiLi and can be adapted to any public, from kids in kindergarten to professionals already working in the space sector. For about an hour, AstronautLiLi explores the past present, and future of these particular locations while the assistants visualize everything in 360º 3D. If you want to request them or check them out, feel free to contact us. Contact us if you are interested in your own VR Controlled Talks. We would be honored to begin a new project with you.

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