The Mission: Mars VR Beta experience has only been online for 5 months and has had a great acceptance among the public who love space and especially Mars.

After the successful arrivals of Perseverance (American rover) and Zhurong (Chinese rover) to the surface of Mars, a new stage in the exploration of Mars opens. The Ingenuity helicopter has continued to test its technology and fly from one side to the other making longer and longer tours.

The mission to orbit of the United Arab Emirates has also been successful.

On the other hand, Rosalind Franklin is ready to be launched next year with her drill capable of searching up to 2 meters deep.

Mission: Mars VR experience update

We wanted to commemorate these successes in all missions by updating the experience several times in recent months with notable improvements:

  • New missions to complete and get all the stars and all the cups (new objectives)
  • The Chinese rover Zhurong can now be visualized in full landing mode
  • New satellites and interactive elements
  • New scenario for the future of Mars
    • With the Starship and its landing
    • Landing track Autonomous 3D printing robots with material from Mars
    • Modules of the first Martian colony
    • Communication antennas Martian rover Solar panels
    • And much more…
  • Ready for Metaverse.

In addition to new events and missions such as dust storms, asteroids, cleaning jobs and an explanation of what the first human base on Mars would be like in an open world where you can move around the entire stage.

Future Mars base with Starship. Mission Mars VR experience scenes. SpaceRobotics.EU

Astronauta LiLi youtuber testing for first time the experience:

More information in the official website of Mission Mars experience