For the first time ever, Nubalo Studios releases its first MMORPG Video-Game, NUBALO, a strategy game that takes place in Space. An on-line experience where players have fun planning their actions and interacting with other players and at the same time unconsciously learn real information about Space Science.

MMORPG stands for (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which basically means that is an online game where a lot of players play different roles in the same world. There are hundreds of game types that would fit this description, ours is a strategy game. As its name suggests, strategy games’ playability is the freedom to design your own personalized strategy to overcome the game history.



In an MMORPG Strategy game, each player has a role, usually with a lot of power over some kind of civilization, and it has to design its strategy to beat or defeat the other players in its world. This kind of games are very popular on the web as they are very competitive and develop your strategy skills, but at the same time allow you to have some fun and meet new people.



NUBALO takes place in space, in several fiction planets and interplanetary areas. As a player, you have the control of a small settlement on a distant planet. Your decisions should make it grow bigger and once your settlement is noticeable in the galaxy you must be ready to defend yourself from other players and attack them if you wish to.



During the whole experience of exploring the space, building your settlement, designing spaceships and armament, and playing through the whole game, a lot of Space Science facts appear here and there. With this strategy, the player is just having fun enjoying its MMORPG and unconsciously learns about Space Science.



NUBALO (currently in alpha versión) is available for free at for anyone to enjoy it and learn with it.