We keep making the Lunar Museum better and better each day.

Our latest update: 3D Holograms that can be seen with no glasses nor additional requirements.

At SpaceRobotics.EU, we’ve been working with the Lunar Museum at Fresnedillas for quite a while now. Back in 2020, we built lots of new scaled models for their renewed exhibition and designed an Augmented Reality App for visitors; and in 2021, we worked with them on a daily basis as school visits demanded our workshops and experts. Being close to a science centre as such means we’re always aware of their necessities and that we have continuous feedback from the visitors, which ultimately helps us design better technology adapted to the constantly evolving visitor experience. Our latest creations in this area are our new holograms that require no glasses nor additional requirements to see them in 3D.

The final holograms in their foot stands.

The whole hardware that makes these holograms work is hidden from the user in a beautiful matt black foot stand. When approaching, the visitor just sees a screen in front of him and a 3D figure somehow inside it. The best part is, once you see the 3D figure floating in front of you, you can actually move your head around it to check out different perspectives and explore details on each side, just as if it were actually right there! This technology is great to display complex 3D structures that cannot be properly represented on old 2D screens. Also, looking at a hologram is way more fun! At the Lunar Museum, we’ll be using them to display the Lunar Modules and the Lunar Rovers that were hidden inside them. And later this year, we will include Mars-related figures for a temporary exhibition. What else would you want to see displayed in this new multimedia format?

Video and pictures © SpaceRobotics.EU / Nubalo Studios S.L.