We are in the year 2085, there is almost no human life left on the planet, our last chance …

We started a new development of a space Virtual Reality video game in which we will have a clear objective: “Save the Earth”. For this we will need to resort to different elements related to space, from the Galileo satellites, to Earth observation missions of the Copernicus Program such as the Sentinels, missions to protect and defend the planet against NEOs, even missions to explore the Solar System and observation of the Sun and other objects.


A totally immersive and educational Virtual Reality game that aims to raise awareness of the positive use of technologies and especially of space technologies to improve the planet and above all to avoid future catastrophes.

Through flashbacks we will return to moments in current history where completing different simulations we will solve problems that have led humanity to this result, we will have to solve laboratory problems, use of satellites, geolocation and communications, space exploration, etc.

Idea with an initial objective for ESA New Education (but our country is not included on these projects, so we develop it on our own).

Free VR game soon.