We are proud to announce that one of our science experts is leading the Scientific Culture Unit (UCC) at the Astrobiology Centre (CAB) associated to the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Thanks to this contract we will lead the Scientific Culture department during 2015, which allows us to put our productivity to the service of the public.

CAB (Astrobiology Centre) associated to the NASA Astrobiology Institute is a joint institution between CSIC (Superior Scientific Investigations Council) and INTA (National Institute of Aerospacial Technology) founded to investigate a relatively new field of study, astrobiology. The Scientific Culture Unit, that collaborates with the UCC+i network from FECYT, is meant to disseminate the latest astrobiology discoveries and to approach science to the general public.

Among some other activities, this are our main responsibilities at the CAB:

  • Management of institutional visits.
  • Talking to the media.
  • Collaboration with Zoé magazine.
  • Scientific dissemination activities.
  • Collaboration with the PARTNeR project.
  • Press releases.
  • CAB social media management.
  • Collaboration with AstronomíA magazine.
  • Revision and update of the web.
  • Management of the Science Week.
  • Dissemination of news from the IceBreaker project in Rio Tinto.
  • Collaboration with the CESAR project.
  • Writing news for the CAB webpage.













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