Interplanetary Journey, our most ambitious enterprise so far! Discover it at or keep reading and find out about this great new educational project.

At Space Robotics we provide hardware and software solutions for many other Space-Industry companies, but we also have our own space-related projects. One we are particularly proud of is “Interplanetary Journey”, our new space-education venture. 

Interplanetary Journey is an educational project that combines STEM education with multimedia materialssensory elements and the latest technologies to provide a whole set of brand new workshops and science shows that are already been offered to schools and other institutions. The activities delve into space exploration and all space science areas. Many different activities for audiences of different ages are already available and more may be developed on request. With them, students have fun regarding of their age, and meanwhile, they acquire meaningful scientific concepts and establish the basis to develop a scientific way of thinking which could eventually convert their curiosities and concerns into potential scientific discoveries or that at least, in any case, will pave the way to success in their studies and life. 

Interplanetary Journey began just a few weeks ago and we could not have hoped for a better reception. Doubt no more, get on our knowledge spaceship at, we guarantee you won’t regret it! 



About STEM education:

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and it refers to any situation where these four disciplines work together. Therefore, STEM education is an educational technique where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are studied together. In STEM education these disciplines are not taught in the traditional way, separated as independent knowledge areas, instead, they are all presented as part of a whole. This is done by proposing situations where math and/or science knowledge must be understood to apply an engineering and/or technological solution to a raised problem. As they are immediately putting the knowledge into practice, using it to solve a particular problem, the comprehension of this knowledge is much easier. Furthermore, they see that what they learn is useful, which encourages them to keep learning.


About multimedia material and sensory elements:

Get the students to solve problems with STEM education is a very powerful tool on its own, but even better results are shown when it’s combined with other techniques: If multimedia materials are involved, it’s way easier to catch the students’ attention and it is also easier to explain complex concepts. If sensory materials are involved and they can touch and see 3D models related to what they are learning, their sensory memory is activated, which means they will easily retain the knowledge for a much longer time. If teamwork in small groups is promoted, students will be more involved in the whole learning process, which of course also helps them to acquire the knowledge. It has also been proved that Interactive Material, which allows the students to actually get their hands on the problem, awakens their scientific vocation, thus they start to test things on their own and acquire knowledge autonomously.

So, get STEM education, add teamwork and sensory interactive multimedia material, and you have the perfect formula for the most efficient learning while having fun.


About the latest technologies:

We have a team of experts (scientists, educators, astrophysicists, qualified monitors… ) that develop and execute innovative and creative activities so that the learning process is dynamic, simple, and awakens interest in science and new scientific vocations. However, the best team would be incomplete without the latest technologies at their service. 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, realistic 3D images, 4D Shows, videos, podcasts, scaled models, video games… you name it, at Space Robotics we put all the emerging technologies to the service of education. If a new technology may improve the learning experience, we will be there making it possible.



Numberless activities may be developed by combining STEM education with multimedia materials, sensory elements and the latest technologies. Some of our proposals include a 4D Space Show, Robotics Workshops, Space Camps, Space Laboratories… but you might as well check them on your own visiting this link.




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