The European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) of the European Space Agency (ESA) brought together around a hundred young enthusiasts of space exploration, successfully hosting the ninth edition of the Space Summer School and the second edition of the Youth Space Summer School. The Space Camp, held from June 26 to July 21, 2023, was led by Astronaut LiLi, our renowned science communicator dedicated to fostering interest and education in the field of space science through her educational project Viaje Interplanetario.

Participants shared their enthusiasm for astronomy, science, space exploration, and research. Over the course of ten days (without overnight stays), youngsters had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an educational program designed to inspire and educate on various aspects of space, ranging from intensive astronaut training to lunar exploration and Mars missions, adapted to each age group for a comprehensive learning experience.

Space Engineers Workshop

This unique educational experience for children and teenagers provided them with the opportunity to interact with experts in various space-related fields and engage in fascinating hands-on activities. Participants in the Space Summer School explored advanced concepts in technology, robotics, and engineering, participated in the design and launch of their own rockets, and had access to cutting-edge educational resources. Interactive workshops, expert keynote lectures, inspirational talks, and diverse hands-on activities enriched the participants’ experience, all under the constant companionship and supervision of LiLi.

Presentation by Astronaut LiLi

Among these activities, a daily astronaut full training was particularly noteworthy, demonstrating the importance of maintaining health and strength for space missions, accompanied by a healthy lunch. They traveled through the Solar System aboard the Nebula One spacecraft commanded by Astronaut LiLi. They forged friendships within their groups while collaborating to establish their own space agency, design space missions, or build a reconnaissance satellite to orbit the Moon. They learned to plant seeds as they would on the International Space Station (ISS) and tasted freeze-dried food consumed by astronauts in space. They also enjoyed the sensation of stepping onto the Martian surface through Virtual Reality. Among many other experiences, they admired the new scale model rocket exhibition provided by the SpaceRobotics.EU team to delve into the history of space exploration. The older ones even created a website for their project during the camp.

Cebreros station antenna

Additionally, they had the opportunity to go on excursions to other centers, such as the Communication Station of the European Space Agency (ESA) located in Cebreros (Ávila). They even got to meet the molecular biologist and Spanish astronaut candidate Sara García Alonso, who shared her experiences and motivated the youngsters to continue pursuing their dreams in the field of space.

At the end of this thrilling experience, participants received a series of special and personalized gifts, such as diplomas for completing various space missions, or posters featuring augmented reality (AR), running through the free NubaloAR app for Android or for iOS. With this app, they can continue exploring the universe from home and also enjoy the interactive poster exhibition available at The interactive book «Descubre el Universo con la Astronauta LiLi» can further enhance this educational experience with the help of the same app, providing a fun and original way to continue learning about space.

Launch with Astronaut Sara García Alonso

The Celebration of the IX Space Summer School and II Youth Space Summer School bore witness to the growing interest of youth in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). With the success of this edition, Astronaut LiLi and her team eagerly anticipates future editions of the Space Summer School, encouraging and inspiring more youngsters to explore the wonders of the universe and consider professional careers in the fascinating field of astronomy.

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