Now that 2021 is coming to an end, it’s time to grant a remarkable science communicator the “Science Communicator of the year” prize. On this occasion, we are awarding @AstronautaLiLi, acknowledging her outstanding growth and performance during the pandemic. In fact, not only Astronaut LiLi’s team has reinvented itself to keep pursuing its goals despite the covid handicap, but they have achieved outstanding growth, reaching thousands of new kids, schools, and families that are now part of their “space fans” community.


Some of Astronaut LiLi’s 2021 achievements include:

Astronaut LiLi seems to have no rival at communicating science to kids and teens. Her team is always using the latest available technology to create workshops and experiences where everyone learns about Space and Space Exploration while having a great time. Face to face at schools and museums or online from her spaceship, she always manages to get everyone interested. With rigorous explanations adapted to every age, anyone can learn about engineering or astrophysics with her team.

Great job @AstronautaLiLi

Keep it coming!


All images and pictures © @AstronautaLiLi