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Virtual Reality (VR) is a new technology that teleports the user to any imaginable environment (real or not), from a giant world to a single 3D dynamic scenario, VR is the best support to display your project. The VR user is completely immersed in the projection, he may not only visually explore this environment and the objects in it but also move around and even interact with the elements of its surroundings.

VR can be a great choice in many situations. Maybe you have designed a great device and you are wondering how would it look before building it. Or maybe you want a visual demonstration to show everyone how it will work. Perhaps you’re looking for a new better way to visualize data, graphs or maps, maybe star maps. Or looking for new cool technologies to use in science dissemination or education. Maby you have a web that could offer virtual visits to a museum. Maby you have a video-game in mind. Or maybe you just fancy a walk in Mars to follow the path of Curiosity. For these and for many other scenarios, Virtual Reality could be the best choice.


What can we do for you?

  • Space Scenarios
  • Video-Games
  • Science Divulgation Apps
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Sky/Star Maps
  • Objects Visualization
  • Educative Games
  • VR apps
  • Dynamic Test-Bed Scenarios
  • Virtual Visits
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Data and Graphs Visualization
  • 3D 360º Videos
  • Personalized Virtual Tools
  • Interactive Maps
  • Many More…


The basic hardware needed for any VR experience are VR glasses, this glasses will display the 3D world in front of the user so that it can be teleported to the new environment without leaving the place. Depending on how realistic you want the experience to be, the glasses can be expensive complex technological devices or just a standard mobile phone with a cardboard accessory. Aditional hardware like hand controllers or sensory elements may be used to enhance the experience.

At Space Robotics we have a professional team of designers, engineers, and programmers with long experience in Virtual Reality. We are experts at creating virtual environments, modeling 3D objects, and designing complete experiences. If you are considering Virtual Reality for your project, contact us with the form below. We will create an immersive experience for you.

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Herschel Space Observatory Virtual Reality App

On the occasion of Herschel end of post-operations event at ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre), the Space Division of Nubalo Studios, as part of the CESAR project, and in collaboration with the ESDC (ESAC Science Data Centre) has created a Virtual Reality...

Spacecrafts in Virtual Reality

We couldn't be more happy to announce our first software development in Virtual Reality (VR). We have done our first demonstration with models of the ExoMars satellite, Schiaparelli lander and Juice mission, and it was absolutely successful. Virtual Reality is a new...