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3D models and designs, scenarios, animations, documentary films, simulations, images …

Multimedia is everywhere. Nowadays no one presents a paper full of text without images or graphs, no one gives a conference without a keynote, no one sells its product without a presentation video. Humankind as realized that communication is way more efficient when multiple media are used, and we are exploiting all the possibilities this yields. We are talking about great images and pictures, outstanding photographies, professional videos, personalized 3D models, you name it, whatever multimedia material you can think of, will make your project more attractive and whoever is receiving the information will not forget it easily. 

If you are working on an astrophysics book you may benefit from some high-quality astrophotographies and artist’s impressions, if you are creating a new CubeSat a demonstration video may come in handy, if you rule a museum or a science center maybe you could update it with explanatory videos, spherical interactive images, and a renewed visually attractive web page, any project gets better with some new multimedia material. Or maybe you already have a multimedia environment project of your own and you are looking for someone to design 3D models and scenarios for you. We can also provide external help in any multimedia project.

It has been proved that attractive multimedia materials catch the attention of the public and that the information transmitted through them is understood easily and retained for a longer time, for this reason, multimedia has a greater importance in marketing and education. At Space Robotics we are experts at creating multimedia material like videos or even documentary films to promote new events such as the launch of new spacecraft or a new telescope project. But above all, we are experts in education and science divulgation, we have a long experience designing and creating outstanding multimedia material for educational and science dissemination projects. Be confident to ask us for whatever you may need, simulations, images, 3D models… we can create materials adapted to any age and topic that for sure will catch the attention of the students and ease the understanding process of complex concepts.

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2D Animations

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360º Images and Videos

Artist’s Impressions

If you still have any doubts feel free to contact us through the form below and we will write you back as soon as possible. If you are thinking about hiring our services, be confident that a professional team of graphic designers, modelers, illuminators, editors, producers, scriptwriters, scientist,  artist, engineers and programmers will carefully study your proposal and deliver the material that best suites your request.



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BepiColombo The Game

Space Robotics original production "BepiColombo The Game" is already in the alpha test version and a public beta will hopefully be available for download in the following weeks. Join us in this adventure, learn more about this project and feel free to contact us if...

Augmented Reality Planetary Art Exhibition

ESA's ESAC D-bulding hosts during this summer an Artistic-Scientific-Technological exhibition by SpaceRobotics, where planetary exploration is presented in an absolutely innovative way.   The exhibition itself is about ESA's exploration of the Universe and displays...

Astronaut Lili’s PodCast

Space Robotics presents "Astronaut Lili's PodCast" a new educative audio resource for kids to learn science anywhere anytime. Play it in the car while driving back home, during the weekend's family evening, or at the school in science lessons. We provide the material...

The very best 3D 67P for the CAESAR team

We create the very best 3D model of the come 67P for NASA's CAESAR development team. It has been long since March 2004, when Rosetta was launched towards 67P, but it was only two years ago when the mission ended. Rosetta has been one of ESA's most ambitious missions...

Augmented Reality Spacecrafts

We have recently tested our new app and although it needs further development it is already functional. As good as it sounds, just turn on your phone and be ready to see Augmented Reality Spacecrafts wherever you point. Augmented Reality (AR) is a set of new...

360º Spherical Planetary Projections

If these images already look great, try to imagine them in a 360º Spherical Planetary Projector! We have recently designed a software and interface for this special kind of projector and its ready for an educational use as well as to liven up the room. They are not...

Sentinel-5P Scale Model

Once again we bring you a new 3D model of a satellite, this time, Sentinel-5P, the latest launch of the Copernicus programme. The Copernicus programme is a joined initiative between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union (EU) that participates through...

Juice and ExoMars added to Cosmographia (Solar System Simulation Software)

We have designed Juice and ExoMars 3D models adapted to Cosmographia. Enter the software and be ready to fly along with this missions to their destiny, enjoy the spacecraft design with realistic 3D graphics, see what they see and discover the wonders of the Solar...

TBT NEO-detection Robotic Telescope Presentation

We have recently designed multimedia material for the presentation of a completely new space-related project: TBT, a robotic telescope that will look for unidentified objects close to Earth. Within ESA's SSA and GSTP programmes the TBT project was born in 2012 to...

NASA’s Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex full software and website development

We have recently designed and successfully developed the new web page of NASA's MDSCC (Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex) and all the software included in it. MDSCC is one of the three ground stations that constitute NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN), which is...