3D space models
design, modeling, lighting
Robotics demostrations
satellites, rockets, telescopes, antennas
Mars rover & satellite simulator
software simulation in different environments
New material production
plastics, metals, wood
Out team
have a look

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Space Robotics

Welcome to SpaceRobotics.EU
Automating the use of space with the last technology,  creating software physics simulations, using big data and creating prototype space models. R&D space division of Nubalo Studios S.L.

Last news
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14/04/2017 - Augmented Reality Sandbox for ESA scientific cases (en) - Read more
28/03/2017 - Virtual Reality first software development (en) - Read more
20/08/2016 - Juice & Exomars Cosmographia operation 3D software (en) - Read more
14/08/2016 - Mobile app for Astronomers and astrophysics (en) - Read more
10/08/2016 - Complete scaled robotic TBT telescope (arduino based) (en) - Read more
22/06/2016 - Rover space robotic test (RC + Arduino) (en) - Read more